Sharing is Caring! A Message To Designers;

As a designer myself I understand the importance of other sites sharing my pattern links. The more shares, the more traffic I get. That's good for me and I appreciate it. 
However, I do not appreciate when other sites use my photos, remove my watermark and do not link back to my site. That is the most frustrating thing a designer faces online today.

Proper Credit Is Always Given Here.

Every post I share has credit to the designer and a link directly to the pattern page.There's no guessing or searching for your patterns.

I've been sharing on facebook this way since 2011 and just recently decided to start this blog and do the same with it. I want you to get the credit and the traffic you deserve!

Not Interested?

If you found one of your patterns listed here and, for whatever reason, you do not want to be listed here, no worries! No need to explain, just leave a comment on the post that has your pattern link and I will gladly take it down. 

Thanks for allowing me to share your patterns.
Happy designing!

Sharon Ojala,
Owner of Amigurumi To Go
Facebook admin of Amigurumi Freely